The City Boys Allstars

Blues No band anywhere sounds like the fun-but-serious City Boys Allstars, whose alluring combination of jazz, R&B, blues, soul, and rock elements seems at once classic and fresh. If they sometimes remind you of The Blues Brothers, there's a good reason for that: the City Boys Allstars horn section was created by members of the... Lire la suite →


Gloria Gaynor

Soul, funk, dico After a career spanning several decades Gloria Gaynor is more active than ever and always on top of her game. She continues to perform live and makes numerous television appearances. She released a new album in 2016. A true surviver she signed her first record contract at the age of 19. In... Lire la suite →

Oscar Valdes – Diakara

Cuban Jazz/Afro cuban music Oscar Valdes has always been on the forefront of the Cuban music scene. He is considered one of the foremost Cuban percussionists and is a legendary figure in the history of Cuban music. He started his career platinoïde percussion for such Cuban groups as "Barbaro del Ritmo" (Ben y More), the... Lire la suite →

Jil Aigrot, the voice of Piaf

Traditional French music Jil Aigrot, the french singer who was the voice of the double Academy Award winning film La Vie en Rose has now become a Major International Performer in her own right thanks to her live concerts that feature the best of Edith Piaf's repertoire. Each performance is an emotional experience for artist and audience... Lire la suite →

Viktor Huganet

Rockabilly At a time when music seems to lose of its authenticity, Viktor Huganet takes us back to the good old days when rock'n'roll had authentic legends such as Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent and Johnny Hallyday… With a look that may remind you of Brian Setzer, leader of Stray cats, singer-songwriter and guitar... Lire la suite →

Dana Elle

Soul, Jazz, R&B The soul catching Israeli songstress Dana Elle moves hearts and touches souls with her original compositions of R&B, Soul, Groove. With recent performances in Tel Aviv, London and the U.S, she has been captivating audiences with lively and dynamic shows moving the crowd to dance and lift their voices in song with... Lire la suite →

Linda Lee Hopkins

Gospel/Soul Born in the USA, Linda Lee Hopkins is a singer, songwriter, and entertainer specialized in Gospel, Soul, Jazz, R&B and even House... She has lent here talent, warm voice and infectious energy to fellow artists such as Gloria Gaynor, Ray Charles, Prince, Percy Sledge, Al Jareau, Nino Ferrer and Bob Sinclar… She was invited... Lire la suite →

Angelica Lopez

Columbian traditional music / Rock Angelica Lopez , singer songwriter strongly influenced by Folk music from the Atlantic Coast of Colombia (Champeta, Vallenato, Cumbia) is one of the best exponents of Urban –Folk  in Europe. A mixture of charisma and tremendous energy, makes her unique in her style! A great ambassador of Colombia in the... Lire la suite →

The Original Blues Brothers Band

Blues Meet the Original Blues Brothers Band, all the way from the USA ready to conquer Europe! Lovers of the blues, gather around and make the experience of this classic pleasure. Featuring onstage: Steve Crooper, Alan Mister Fabious Rubin, Loo Marini, Jame Biggins, Leon Pendarvis, Eric Udel, Lary Farrell, Ned Holder, Lee Finkelstein, Bob Gottlieb,... Lire la suite →

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