Oscar Valdes – Diakara

Cuban Jazz/Afro cuban music Oscar Valdes has always been on the forefront of the Cuban music scene. He is considered one of the foremost Cuban percussionists and is a legendary figure in the history of Cuban music. He started his career platinoïde percussion for such Cuban groups as "Barbaro del Ritmo" (Ben y More), the... Lire la suite →


Angelica Lopez

Columbian traditional music / Rock Angelica Lopez , singer songwriter strongly influenced by Folk music from the Atlantic Coast of Colombia (Champeta, Vallenato, Cumbia) is one of the best exponents of Urban –Folk  in Europe. A mixture of charisma and tremendous energy, makes her unique in her style! A great ambassador of Colombia in the... Lire la suite →

Najat Aatabou

Traditional berber and moroccan music Naja Aâtabou is a popular singer composer of moroccan châabi who is very famous in Morocco. While some call her "the Lioness of the Atlas", she represents the female modernity in Morocco and with songs such as J'en AI Marre( I am fed Up), she often shocks the conservative side... Lire la suite →

Lotfi Bouchnak

Traditional tunisian music Lotfi Bouchnak has a wide repertoire that extends from classical to contemporary songs. When he started working with music in the 1970s, Lotfi Bouchnak studied under oud master Ali Sriti. Almost immediately he distinguished himself as a solo singer, and distinguished musicians such as Anouar Brahem began to provide him with songs.... Lire la suite →


Latino music Born in Angola, Lando moved to France when he was still very young. As per his angolean roots, his path across Europe is paved with the sound of mixed music: traditional african rhythms flirting with latino culture, embalming the music of a dancing and happy atmosphere - happy yes, but Lando is also... Lire la suite →

Cheba Zahouania

Traditional Algerian Music Cheba Zahounia began her long career as a singer in a meddaha female band. In 1981, she records her first song. In 1986, she sings her first big hit "Khali ya khali" alongside Cheb Hamid. The day after Cheb Hasni was killed in Oran on the 29th of sptember 1994, she decides... Lire la suite →

Cheb Bilal

Traditional Algerian Music Cheb Bilal was born and raised in Oran, where he very early took classes at the nearest musical school. Bilingual, Cheb Bilal also learned how to be a singer by doing production in the nearest bars and weddings, after which he founded his own band, El Ahouar. The songs of Cheb Bilal... Lire la suite →

Les Ballets Africains de Guinée

Musical theatre The Guinean artists have always known how to communicate their Traditional Culture abroad. The most renowned artistic group “Les Ballets Africains de Guinée” is a coveted Cultural Institution of Guinea. Originally formed paradoxically in 1948 in Paris, France by the choreographer and poet Keita Fodeba, the singer Albert Mouanqué ( Camaroun origine) and... Lire la suite →


Soul / Langa / Gospel Tony Award nominee Tsidii Le Loka is the lead voice heard by millions on "Circle of Life"(Grammy Award, original cast CD,THE LION KING ON BROADWAY). She originated the role of "Rafiki" on Broadway, and her composition, Rafiki Mourns is included in the CD. Originally from South Africa, she was the... Lire la suite →

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