Les 10 Commandements / The 10 Commandments

Discover the brand new version of the 10 Commandments, the musical show of Elie Chouraqui and Pascal Obispo. The first performance of the 10 Commandments took place in the Palais des Sports of Paris, in october 2000. Within 3 years, the show had been performed 401 times and acclaimed by 2 million people. Over the... Lire la suite →


Jil Aigrot, the voice of Piaf

Traditional French music Jil Aigrot, the french singer who was the voice of the double Academy Award winning film La Vie en Rose has now become a Major International Performer in her own right thanks to her live concerts that feature the best of Edith Piaf's repertoire. Each performance is an emotional experience for artist and audience... Lire la suite →

Ombres et Lumière/Shadows and Light

Traditional French Music / Theatrical performance Following "Piaf Je t'aime", the first musical on Edith piaf's life, and "Piaf, a life in pink and black", Nathalie Lermitte created a new show that traces Piaf's career and life for the 100th anniversary of her birth. The show is a love letter to the singer who was... Lire la suite →

Les Ballets Africains de Guinée

Musical theatre The Guinean artists have always known how to communicate their Traditional Culture abroad. The most renowned artistic group “Les Ballets Africains de Guinée” is a coveted Cultural Institution of Guinea. Originally formed paradoxically in 1948 in Paris, France by the choreographer and poet Keita Fodeba, the singer Albert Mouanqué ( Camaroun origine) and... Lire la suite →

Urban Sax

Musical Theatre The musical experiment that is urban Sax is the product of the accoustic experiment on the space of sound. Everything is done during the concert in order to create the idea of a sound architecture,  notably so through the position of the saxophonists. Le story of the group started in 1973, as Gilbert... Lire la suite →

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